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How we began

In early 2001, we took on a beautiful farm along the Bot River Wine Route, having seen the incredible potential of this fertile land. This farm grew into the exclusive PaardenKloof Wine Estate that many now know and love. So, naturally, we wanted to share this love in the best possible way. Hence the establishment of Ecology Lifestyle Farm.

Originally designed to showcase our PaardenKloof wines, Ecology has grown into an interesting and versatile farm with lots on offer. It now provides a platform to showcase our single vineyard, single varietal handcrafted boutique wines, the indigenous Proteas and Fynbos plants that we cultivate, as well as other farm-fresh produce.

Ecology also offers a fully licensed restaurant and events venue, set amongst wildlife and fynbos. This idyllic location is perfect for weddings, day conferences and other functions and the farm to table menu is worth exploring.

The farm is also family-friendly, with a bustling farmyard where children of all ages can interact with our animals at the end of the lawn, next to a beautiful play area.

Behind the logo

Our Ecology logo is as culturally authentic as it gets, taking inspiration from the ancient Khoisan symbols for earth, wind and water. Combined in our version of a seed pod, it represents our desire to grow from, and combine with, nature and an environmentally aware farm-lifestyle – a lifestyle and outlook that we wish to share with everyone.