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Farm Shop & Nursery

A little bit local…

At Ecology we believe in showcasing the best that our beautiful land has to offer, which is evident at our little boutique shop. Browse through offerings of spices, jams, preserves and dried fruits, olives, fresh-cut flowers, and craft beer. The shop also stocks an exclusive range of Ecology handcrafted Rooibos skincare products infused with different essential oils.

we believe in showcasing the best that our beautiful land has to offer

We have paired (pun intended) these goodies with locally made items such as hand-made toys, small clothing items, and décor items. All these items are made by locals in the area and we hope to continue showcasing their incredible talents at our lifestyle farm.

Our Protea & Fynbos  Nursery

The Ecology nursery offers cultivated Protea and fynbos plants, as well as fresh-cut flowers. We subscribe to the WWF’s Biodiversity in Wine initiative and practice sustainable fynbos farming and harvesting on the slopes of PaardenKloof Estate. Take a walk through the blooming buds or choose from a variety of potted plants, herbs and succulents to take home.

We offer a Protea Décor service for events and weddings, run by qualified staff that is capable of designing some truly eye-catching bouquets and displays. There is also a Flower Market at the Ecology barn, where you can pick up fresh Protea bunches, or select your own loose stems to arrange at home.