Paardenkloof Wine Lounge

Sip and enjoy…

This beautifully appointed sun-drenched terrace at the front of the Ecology venue is the perfect place from which to enjoy a unique tasting of the PaardenKloof wines. This tasting experience can encompass both the PaardenKloof and Ecology wines, all grown and produced locally and are made to mirror the brands!

PaardenKloof wines are made astride a breathtaking valley, where natural processes and hands-on care have produced some of the most incredible wines in the region.

We believe that the choice of venue pairs well with the wines we have on offer, and gives you a brief insight into the personality of the brand and surroundings in which our wines are made.

Get to know Paardenkloof

The PaardenKloof Estate utilises 23 of our 1430 hectares for our vineyards. The harvest area may be smaller than most but we believe that it’s small enough for great quality and big enough for great passion! And if we weren’t confined enough, we have also chosen to limit our harvest to between six and seven tons per hectare to intensify flavours and terroir in small grape berries.

We have continuously shown respect for our harvests, focusing on time, the natural environment, and climate and soil structure to ensure a healthy harvest. Paired with our vineyard management, harvesting practices and passion, we have ensured that the PaardenKloof Estate wines give true expression to their unique location, while also perfectly mirroring their own unique personalities… read more

The PaardenKloof Wine Range

PaardenKloof Shiraz
The Long Road

A full-bodied and textured wine with a warm palate… read more

PaardenKloof Sauvignon Blanc

A crisp taste with fruity, refreshing overtones… read more

PaardenKloof Cab Sav
Die Fynboshuis

A luxurious taste with rich and lively flavours… read more

PaardenKloof Sauvignon Blanc
The Bend in the Road

Sharp and citrus – this wine is as vibrant as its origins… read more